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What Happened to Sheena Morris?

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This page was created on behalf of our late daughter Sheena Morris in effort to seek the truth as to what happen the night she was found dead. Initially her death was ruled a suicide and was later changed to UNDETERMINED. The family and friends of Sheena Morris feel that there was very little done in the investigation lead by Det. Lenard Diaz with the Bradenton Beach Police Department.  


On January 1, 2009 our daughter Sheena Morris was found deceased in a hotel room at the Bridge Walk Resort in Anna Maria Island, Florida. She was found hung in the shower with her buttocks only 6 to 7 inches off the floor and legs straight out in front of her. (This was a stand-up shower, the garden tub was separate) Prior to her being found Sheena and her boyfriend Joe Genoese had a fight that prompted people in the next room to call 911 to report a domestic violence disturbance. Officer John Tsakiri and Officer Mike Bazell with the Bradenton Beach Police Department responded to the call. As they arrived they passed Joe Genoese in the stairway and continued to Sheena’s hotel room. According to the reports of the Domestic Disturbance the 911 call was dispatched at 1:21am and they arrived at 1:22am and they completed their call at 1:50am. According to other reports this 911 call wasn’t dispatched from Manatee County Sheriff’s Department until 1:46am. The Domestic Disturbance report was never written until 1/3/2009 after the report of her death.

At 2:05am Sheena places her own 911 call to the Hillsborough County Police where her apartment was located. She wanted the police to help check on her apartment because she stated that Joe was “going to ruin her apartment because she ruined his life”.  This call can be heard by clicking the video icon below. Throughout the investigation Det. Lenard Diaz insists that Sheena never made a 911 despite having her cell phone in his possession. Sheena’s phone was in her mother’s name and was able to check the call logs and then obtained the 911 call.

Despite being aware of the domestic disturbance just prior to Sheena’s death, her 911 call and not finding any finger prints in the shower (not even hers) they ruled Sheena’s death a suicide. You can find more information about the details on The Investigation page of this website. 

Sheena’s family has continued their investigation to seek the truth in the death of their only child/daughter. After the exhumation of Sheena’s body and a 2nd autopsy the medical examiner changed the Manner of Death to Undetermined. Although in affidavits by Certified Criminal Investigators stating that Sheena’s death was a “Staged Crime Scene” not a suicide the Bradenton Beach Police refuse to re-open the investigation.

NOTE: Joe Genoese has not been named as a person of interest. He is only named in this website on facts that he was the boyfriend/fiancé’ that was with Sheena at the hotel.   

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 Susan Murphy-Milano and guest host, Peter Hyatt will be talking to Sheena Morris' mother, Kelly Osborn. New findings in this case warrant a new investigation, but why are investigators reluctant to do it? 
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        To Hear The 911 Call From Sheena Click the Video Below. It is audio only.

A Message From Sheena's Father
"This is on you Chief Sam Speciale of the Bradenton Beach Police Dept.Sheena Morris' death occured in your city,under your watch.The Sarasota County Medical Examiners Office states the manner of death is "UNDETERMINED" Well the experts are stating Sheena's death and hotel room was a staged crime scene, Joe Genoese has failed a polygraph test on national television pertaining to weather he was responsible for and or weather he was involved in Sheena's death and still you sit back and say you are comfortable with your decision that Sheena took her own life and you do not want to have to reopen her investigation as it would show that you and your department had made a mistake (or 15)in your original investigation. Chief Speciale You know as well as I do Sheena did not take her own life,and we will never give up or go away till we get JUSTICE 4 SHEENA ! This one is on you Chief Speciale, I hope you sleep well at night..

David Morris (Sheena's Daddyo and Tadoo)