Justice 4 Sheena

Photos of Interest

The 4 photographs are the photos Sheena took herself with her camera after the domestic violence call January 1, 2009
The camera was in the possession of the BBPD, yet still no arrest was made. These photos apparently were not of interest to Det. Diaz.   
The engagement ring pictured above was removed during the exhumation and taken to a jeweler who stated the ring is a "mere piece of glass"
The question here is why did the detective feel that this was not important??? 
The Photo Gallery below is the March 4 Justice that took place in Upstate NY on the same date and time as the Florida March 4  Justice, July 28, 2012
Thank you to everyone who participated in this March 4 Justice for Sheena  
This photo gallery is from the Florida March for Justice 4 Sheena on July 28,2012
Thank you to everyone who came to show their support.
To view the gallery of Sheena's photo's click the link below

Sheena's photo's