Justice 4 Sheena

The Investigation

We had hired a Private Investigator and a Homicide Attorney as we still continue to do much work ourselves. We have exhausted our personal funds to continue this investigation & much more work needs to be done!

We have found a great deal of information that assures us we cannot stop here. We have reasons and facts surrounding the death of our daughter that shows her death being a homicide NOT a suicide. 

While we would love to be able to share the details of our findings here with you at this time, we cannot as it could jeopardize the investigation. All of you will be notified once we solve this crime. 

We can share that there was very little questioning done by the police to anyone other than the people on either side of the hotel room who reported the domestic dispute.As a matter of fact, the cause of death was listed as a suicide within a few days of her death. 
When the police dusted for fingerprints, there were none found in the shower where she was found hanging...not even Sheena's! Even after staying in the hotel for two days. There was no room service or cleaning done by the hotel as there was a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door since Sheena had her two beloved Yorkies with her and it was not a pet friendly hotel. 

Regardless, one would think if there is a domestic violence call the night before and someone is found dead the next day that there would be a thorough investigation or even a feeble investigation. Maybe because a murder in a small tourist town "would not be good for business."

Sheena takes pictures of herself on her camera after the domestic disturbance and the police had knowledge of and access to. She photographs a cut on her neck, a cut on her ring finger and another mark on her body. Bottom line is that there was very little done. Nothing was done regarding the domestic violence call other than the police visiting Sheena at the hotel room. Her boyfriend at the time, leaves the room and the police did not question or apprehend him.   the legal limit, caffeine and nicotine.

Shortly after the police leave her room, Sheena places a 911 call to be transferred to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's. We have her 911 call stating the details of what she reported but we cannot include this information at this time. Please know this call was very detailed as to what happened and what she said "he" was going to do. She spoke calmly and clearly. 

We recently had a meeting at the medical examiner's office to discuss our findings over the last year. They found this information to be very important in the investigation and they are currently re-testing all of Sheena's blood work. Since the police department did not suspect an "foul play" right away, they only did some standard test that indicated a small amount of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine in her blood. Now they are doing a complete line of blood tests to include date rape drugs and others that could have made her unconscious. Additionally, we discussed that it is medically possible that if she were suffocated first prior to being placed in the shower that the effects of her body would be the same.  

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While much of this information may tend to make you think that we are parents or a family in denial, we assure you that is not the case. We have learned too much to walk away. Just as there needs to be proof of a homicide, we have no proof this was a suicide either.
Many of her friends were questioned by our private investigator and ourselves and of all them find the idea of her being suicidal absurd . Sheena was not depressed and had many plans and aspirations in life. 

If we or even some of her closest friends and family had any inkling that Sheena may have committed suicide and we did not have the information we have uncovered in the last year, this would be a memorial page. 

We know that Sheena did not commit suicide and that there is a murderer on the loose. We want to find him and stop him before it happens to someone else. We hope you can help. 

Many of you parents or parents to-be I am sure would do the same thing her family is trying to do. But we can't do this alone.  

For additional information you may listen to this broadcast. 
  March 8th, 2010 was the broadcast with Gale St. John and Brian Ladd. You will hear much more of Sheena's death and details in this two hour broadcast. While we do not believe this physic reading is what happened to Sheena since it does not match the time-line of events or our investigation and questioning of others we keep this available since you will hear some details of our investigation from early on.  


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Photo of the late Baggio coming soon! Her first Yorkie! Her other two babies are Encore (named after Baggio) and her little girl Chloe she named after the Chloe  designer handbag.