Justice 4 Sheena

The Time-Line of Events

Prologue of their relationship – Sheena was 22 and her boyfriend was 45 at the time of her death. They had been on and off for 2 years. While Sheena’s mother and step-father were less than thrilled with their age difference they just figured that it wouldn’t last too long anyway. During the many break-ups Sheena had continued to date. In July of 2008 when they had broken up Sheena began dating a very nice young man closer to her age however, we found out after Sheena’s death that her old boyfriend had been stalking her while she was dating this new boyfriend. Other friends of hers also reported that Sheena was being followed by her ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t too long before the ex-boyfriend won her back again.  After they got back together there was an argument between Sheena’s step-father and her mother with the boyfriend. This was where they had instructed that he was didn’t not he their blessing to marry Sheena for various reasons. Then it was October or November 2008 where Sheena and the boyfriend started making wedding plans. Sheena talked with her father about needing a $500 deposit for the wedding at The Beach House on Anna Maria Island because her now fiancé was short on cash. However they were traveling, spending all sort of money and there were various shopping trips in the amount of $4,000 etc. To Sheena’s family this man seemed nice enough to Sheena as far as they knew. He was paying Sheena’s bills, rent and car payments etc as well. Every time Sheena would discuss getting a job her fiancé would say I will give you the lousy $50 per day you would make. Sheena still was actively looking for a job. Although her fiancé was paying her rent and bills Sheena would never allow him to have a key to her apartment. He wanted her to move in with him at his townhome on the beach but she didn’t want to. She wanted to stay close to her mother’s home. The family still has never figured out why the fiancé with all his money couldn’t pay the $500 deposit on their wedding. There is one thing that Sheena’s family and several friends knew…. She said she had some things on him that could destroy him. While she was making these wedding plans there was a lack of excitement about the whole event almost as though she was just going through the motions. She seemed much more excited about looking for a rental home with a backyard with her mother who was a Realtor and she was also looking forward to being an “Auntie”. Her cousin was having a baby and Sheena was planning on going back to Upstate NY for 10 days when her cousin had her baby so she could help her. That baby girl named Alivia was born in Sheena’s passing. She never got to know that Sheena was going to also be her God-Mother.                


The month of December 2008 prior to Sheena’s death – Naturally with Christmas coming Sheena was doing all her typical decorating of her apartment, baking cookies and even having Christmas photos professionally done with her boyfriend and her two beloved dogs (Yorkies). One day she showed up at her mother’s home (which was only 4 miles from her apartment) with her grandmother. They were toting several large bags into the house while laughing since these bags were filled with glitter, glue sticks and all sorts of craft supplies to do “Christmas Decorations Night” at her mothers. Things seemed pretty normal for this time of year other than Sheena’s relationship with her boyfriend since they were fighting and arguing a lot during this time. The boyfriend had expressed his discontent to Sheena about the amount of time she was spending at her mother and step-fathers home. Their fights were mainly about her boyfriends children which isn’t uncommon in divorce situations. In one argument her boyfriend was very upset with Sheena because when she did the Christmas shopping for his children he felt she did a lousy job and that the gifts were cheap. One example of those gifts were a nerf gun, Sheena chose to purchase the Nerf gun because the last BB gun they bought was left sitting in the bottom of the pool. Sheena felt that just replacing it with a new BB gun would be a bad example of teaching the kids to take care of their belongings.

December 18th, 2008 – Earlier in the week Sheena asked her mother to have a birthday cake at her house for her boyfriend. She explained that his birthday is actually the 19th but she is taking him to NYC on the 19th for his birthday weekend.     

December 19th, 2008 – Quoted from Sheena’s calendar  “Joe’s 45th birthday leave 6:05 for JFK staying at the W in Midtown”  We later find out after Sheena’s death that his birthday is actually January 1, the same day Sheena dies.

December 22nd, 2008 – Sheena sends her mother a list of rental homes she would like to see. Sheena wanted a backyard for her dogs and to be close to her mother’s home. The fiancé wants Sheena to move into his townhome. Sheena is insistent she is not moving that far from “home”.

December 23rd, 2008 – Sheena arrives at her mother’s home around 9am because she is mad at her fiancé after an argument that morning. Since it was 2 days before Christmas Sheena and her mother spend all day shopping. Even though Sheena was mad at her fiancé she is in great spirits and they have lots of fun that day looking at goofy outfits and just having fun. All the while her fiancé had kept calling and texting her on her phone she doesn’t answer and continues to enjoy her day. On the way home from shopping Sheena and her mother discuss whether or not her engagement ring is real and they both thought that is wasn’t due its size and lack of any color.  

December 24th, 2008 – Sheena and her fiancé are still arguing.

December 25th, 2008 – Normally like every other previous year Sheena’s mother, step-father and grandmother would be picking Sheena up at the airport early in the morning after Sheena would come back from visiting her father in Upstate NY. This year was different since her fiancé said that money was tight this year for her flights. Sheena also felt that since she was engaged now that she should stay with her fiancé in Florida. Sheena’s mother knew they were still fighting so Sheena’s mother called her fiancé that by all means he was to make sure that Sheena spent Christmas at her mothers and that their arguing better not hinder Sheena from being there. Finally Sheena and her fiancé arrive and you could feel some tension in the air. Sheena was still mad at him but he would act like there was nothing wrong. Sheena dressed in her normally festive way wearing a red short-sleeved sweater dress with a snowman pin and these cute little Santa socks. The air seemed to clear a bit and they went on with their usual festivities. Sheena was taking pictures as usual but her mother’s camera batteries weren’t charged so her mother brought out the video camera that was charged but rarely ever used. Not knowing that this would be the last video of Sheena. While they were all exchanging gifts the video camera was still running when something odd happens. Suddenly her fiancé kneels downs on one knee takes Sheena’s ring off and starts his proposal to her putting the ring back on, at first she says yes and then she takes it back by saying “maybe” and she laughed. After they left Sheena’s mothers house they went to Sheena’s apartment or “apartment home” as Sheena would like to call it. There is another fight that night, and according to friends that she was talking and texting that night, her fiancé ripped down her Christmas tree, took the gifts and even Sheena’s dogs. Sheena stays up all night until 7am talking with friends and texting and it is reported that her fiancé return to Sheena’s apartment about 6am to return her dogs and he then leaves. The engagement is called off.

December 28th or 29th Sheena goes to get her hair cut and colored. She told her stylist that she is relieved the relationship is finally over and she can get on with her life and that she wanted to be with someone her own age

December 29th, 2008 – Sheena attends and assists with a Memorial Service for an ex-boyfriend who passed away the year before. Her fiancé was not supportive of this and he previously made Sheena get rid of things that represented this young man named Kyle.  

December 30th, 2008 - Sheena is mad at her mother because her fiancé keeps calling her mother to tell his side of their arguing. Her mother agrees that she needn’t be involved in their argument. Her mother feels that he knew this would make Sheena mad but by keeping Sheena mad at her mother the fiancé would get to move on to his plan which was to take Sheena to Anna Maria Island for New Years. The original plans were that Sheena and her grandmother would spend New Year’s at her mother’s and step-father’s house after they attended an earlier event and that they would all be together by 11pm. However, the fiancé had different plans himself.  According to the text messages about the fiancé wanting Sheena to go to Anna Maria Island Sheena was making excuses NOT to go. She told him she didn’t want to leaves her babies on New Year’s and she also explained she hadn’t done laundry and didn’t have clean clothes to pack. Apparently he was successful in getting her to go with him to Anna Maria Island but she let’s friends of hers believe that she was going alone. Before leaving for Anna Maria Island, Sheena put her car payment and cell phone payment in her mother’s mailbox. Sheena’s mother remembers seeing her fiancés car pull up to the house and seeing Sheena place them in the mailbox, this is the last time Sheena’s mother sees Sheena alive. At 7:43pm the SunPass toll records them going over the Sun Shine Skyway.

 Sheena renewed her subscription to Glamour Magazine and AAA membership for another year.  

Sheena put her rent check on her kitchen counter for the month of January to bring to the office when she returned.

For some unusual reason there is a fax from the fiancés company sent to Sheena’s mother’s house. Her mother was dumbfounded by this because she couldn’t figure out why a quote of some sort regarding his business was faxed to her. Her mother decided not to mention it or let him know due to the problems he had already caused by contacting her mother. 

It was either the day before Sheena left for Anna Maria Island or the day of. Sheena goes to her hairstylist for a new cut and color. She tells her stylist about her relationship being over and how happy she is and looking forward to not being in a relationship with the issues of his children and explain she would prefer to with with someone her own age.

December 31st, 2009 - Receipts show that Sheena and the fiancé had been doing some shopping. One receipt shows a total of $821.33 paid in cash for new clothes, shoes etc.  And they check out at 5:49 from Bealls.

Sheena’s mother sends the fiancés a text regarding the fax that was received the day before after she thought about it and felt when it came to business if someone else received a fax meant for her business she would want to know.

The fiancé send Sheena’s mother a text telling her to stay out of their lives.

In the evening Sheena and her fiancé go to the Beach House to ring in the New Year. This is where she planned to get married. The fiancé talks with the hostess in an attempt to have a certain table out on the beach area. He tells her that they are “thinking” of getting married there. When this conversation is overheard by an employee who handles the bookings it struck her oddly since she knew they already booked the place and had a deposit. None the less they get the table they want. Their waitress reports that Sheena was in a great mood, very bubbly and that she looked beautiful. The fiancé was drinking doubles and rarely looked up while he sat in his chair smoking his cigar. Sheena spent much of her time texting her friends and wishing them Happy New Year. At 10:30pm Sheena talks with her grandmother and everything is fine. Sheena is also texting her cousin who is in labor and Sheena is very excited about this. She texts another friend saying “she is 5 cm’s dilated. I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT ON NEW YEAR”S!!! Say prayers for my little angel! Love you!” The next text is “How blessed am I!!?! A baby girl named Alivia XXXXXX. Let you know as soon as she comes out.”

In the evening the fiancé calls Sheena’s mother and leaves a voicemail. Sheena’s mother isn’t answering or taking his calls. He leaves a voicemail to say that he didn’t send those texts messages about staying out of their lives and that Sheena stole his phone and wrote that. Sheena’s mother feels that if Sheena did text that she would have done it from her own phone. Sheena was not afraid to say what was on her mind and she certainly wouldn’t hide behind someone else’s phone.

8pm-Midnight – Sheena and her fiancé are at the Beach House Restaurant – times are approximate since they conflict with what the fiancé says and the waitress who served them says.

January 1st, 2009 –

1:47am – A 911 call is made from people in the room next door at the hotel to report domestic violence. Manatee County Sheriff dispatches the call to Braden Beach PD

These times will be confusing since the responding officer’s reports conflict with actual times of the 911 calls.

12:00am – (Approximate time) Sheena and her fiancé arrive back at their hotel room at the Bridge Walk Resort and have a fight.

1:22am – The responding officers Bazell and Tsakiri report that they were dispatched at 1:22am and arrived at 1:23am. (This call wasn’t dispatched from Manatee County until 1:47am) They pass the fiancé in the stairway according to their report. The fiancé was not apprehended, questioned or arrested. According to their report Sheena makes mention of her concern of her fiancé drinking and driving yet still they do not radio to another officer to stop and question him.

1:45am- According to another incident report that Sheena’s mother found Officer Bazell is responding to an incident at a Sports Lounge at 118 Bridge St until 1:55am. However his Daily Activity report shows he was at 118 Bridge St. at 0200 until 0301.

1:46am – Sheena sends her fiancé this text – “I can’t believe you just fucking left me here”

1:52am – Sheena texts – “I took pictures”

1:53am- Your evil and scary 

1:55am – Officer Bazell & Tsakiri complete their call at 100 Bridge St. Their report shows this was a 28 minute call where they presume no domestic violence occurred.

1:55am – Officer Bazell’s report on another call shows he also completed this call at the same time.

2:05am – Sheena places a 911 call that is transferred to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s asking them to protect her apartment home in Tampa. (This call can be heard on the Home Page toward the bottom.)

2:12am - Sheena text’s “police are going to my house and have the gate code. They will not let you in. They know you name age height hair race + car. Just so you know. Your better bet is to stop being an alpha male and stop putting your hands on woman. “

2:12am – Sheena texts “They also have my phone number”

2:27am – (the last text Sheena writes) “I am stuck here. I have no way home. You can’t leave me here.

Between 2:28am and 2:55am the fiancé sends texts messages to Sheena’s phone, the content of those calls will not be detailed here. These text messages do not go back and forth, Sheena sends her texts and then he sends his.

4:48am- Sheena is notified via text message that Alivia is born, the baby Sheena was waiting for all night.

9:33am- The fiancés calls Sheena’s mother and leaves a voicemail asking if she got his message about not leaving those texts messages.  Sheena’s mother ignores his call.

12:03pm- The hotel calls the fiancé informing him that Sheena and he needs to leave the room because they do not tolerate domestic violence. He responded that he doesn’t know of any domestic violence that they are talking about because he wasn’t there and that he left last night because his daughter was sick. The fiancé refuses to provide Sheena’s cell phone number and he says he will TRY to call her.  

12:24pm – Sheena’s fiancé again calls Sheena’s mother and she answers the call. He explains that he left Sheena at the hotel last night after an argument. He said that they got into an argument because he called his children to wish them a Happy New Year at 12:15am. (The call was actually made at 12:00am, not 12:15am as he stated) He suddenly starts saying to Sheena’s mother that Sheena is suicidal and crazy. He also stated that he wouldn’t go back to the hotel at Anna Maria Island because he didn’t want to get arrested for domestic violence.  Sheena’s mother instructs the fiancé to notify Sheena’s father in NY and for him to have a couple of Sheena’s friends to try to reach her on her phone while Sheena’s mother checks her apartment. Sheena’s mother assumed Sheena may have taken a taxi home with her dogs. Sheena’s mother asked the fiancé if he left her any money and he said maybe $100 or $150. Normally Sheena wouldn’t hesitate on taking a cab. While the fiancé reports the argument was over this phone call to his kids, others who heard the argument report it was over money.

2:17pm – Officer Higgins and Sgt. Gill with BBPD are called by the hotel to respond to the hotel room Sheena was. The hotel was checking to be sure they had left the hotel however when they knocked on the door Sheena’s two dogs were barking. It is the hotels policy not to open the door when dogs are present and to call law enforcement. This was not a pet-friendly hotel. (Remember, Sheena didn’t want to leave her babies on NYE) Sheena was then found deceased. It is not clear in report when Det. Diaz actually arrived or was called. His report shows 2:19pm.  

2:31pm – EMS isn’t contacted for 14 minutes. CAD report shows at 2:31 police need EMS NON-Priority to confirm SIG 7. MSO states can respond non-emergency. EMS states RESPON EMERGENCY. (From the families understanding of this, the police cannot have EMS respond non-emergency so EMS does respond as emergency)

2:33pm – The fiancé talks with Sheena’s father and he speaks of Sheena in the past tense saying “why couldn’t she have just gotten along with my kids?” Sheena’s father describes the fiancé as “crying like a baby” during this call.

2:36pm – EMS is on scene and report DOA

Over the next several hours Sheena’s mother is trying to get other people to reach Sheena to see if she will respond.  

5:15pm (approx) Crime Scene Tech Jason Smith from Manatee County Sheriff is requested to respond to the death investigation. The family is unclear as to why it took Det. Diaz with Bradenton Beach PD almost 3 hours to contact CST.  

5:58pm – Crime Scene Technician, Jason Smith arrives with Manatee County Sheriff. Det. Diaz remains the lead detective. (Jason Smiths report was much more professional than all the reports from BBPD)

6:00pm- Officer Gills report shows CST arrives

6:00pm – Det. Diaz report shows the investigation was completed.

6:19pm – Sheena’s mother returns from checking Sheena’s apartment again and also calls Sheena’s phone. There is no answer.

6:27pm – There is an incoming call to Sheena’s mother’s cell phone showing it is Sheena. She excitedly answers the phone but there is no response on the other end, then suddenly Sheena’s mother hears a man voice and shouts to her husband Sheena has been kidnapped! Sheena’s step-father takes the phone and begins shouting into the phone in an attempt to get someone to respond. This goes on for 7 very long minutes. He then hears police radios in the background and he hands Sheena’s mother his phone and instructs her to call 911. The family later finds out that Det. Diaz accidentally placed the call from Sheena’s phone.

Several calls go back and forth from dispatch and Sheena’s mother calls 911 and then finds out there is some sort of issue at 100 Bridge St but can’t confirm if Sheena is involved. Sheena’s mother contacts the fiancé to inform him of what just happened and the calls. Sheena’s mother and step-father are getting ready to leave to go to Anna Maria Island to find out what is going on however dispatch contacts them and asks for an address to their home and asks them to say home.

7:33pm – Sheena’s mother, step-father and grandmother are visited by the Hillsborough County Sheriffs where two officers inform them that Sheena was found deceased in the hotel room. The fiancé arrives a little while later where the two officers observe the fiancés reaction. Two months later when Sheena’s mother was visited by one of the officers they explained that they could NOT say that the fiancés reaction was genuine and that a dog lover wouldn’t have done this.

8:30pm – Manatee County Sheriff’s report the event closed.

This is Sheena’s mothers (Kelly) recollection of the rest of the evening the on the night she learned of her daughter’s (only child) death.

I knew something was wrong when the dispatcher asked for our address and told us not to come to Anna Maria Island after I called 911. It felt like hours has gone by and I wasn’t getting any answers about my daughter. I called Joe several times telling him to get to our house and would ask what is taking so long? He said he missed the exit. He said go to www.ManateeCountySheriffs.com to see the dispatched calls. I told my husband to do that but he wouldn’t let me look at the computer screen. My mother and my husband were silent and nervous like I was. My husband told me to relax when the over-whelming feeling came that this was very bad but he said we don’t know anything yet. I opened up the front door of our house and began to walk outside and my husband and mother followed. It was dark as we started walking down the drive-way we looked down the street to our right and there were two police cars just sitting at the end of the street. I imagine this was one call they just didn’t want to have to make or want to come to our door but now we had seen them. Their lights on their cars come on and begin to head our way. When the first car pulled up I ran to it looking into the window of the back seat yelling “where’s my baby?” but I didn’t see her so I ran to the next police car yelling the same thing. The officers get out of the car and suggest that we go inside the house. The officers were Hillsborough County Sheriffs, two of them. This is when they inform my mother, my husband and I that Sheena has died. I don’t remember my husband’s or my mother’s reaction, I had dropped to the floor and didn’t want to get up.  I am not sure how much time passed until I heard some noise in the garage. One female officer stayed inside with us and the other male officer had gone back outside in the garage I guess he was waiting for Sheena’s fiancé to arrive. I remember peeling myself off the floor and went to the garage where I saw Joe on the floor of the garage rolling around and making some noises and the officer standing there watching him (not consoling him) just watching. There was an axe on the floor that I moved so Joe didn’t hit his head and then I got on my knees, lifted his head to see his face but I didn’t find any tears. Then next thing I remember is all of us being in the house and the officers were still there trying to help me cope with the news, they were very exceptional at handling us. The male officer even shared about the loss of his brother and I felt so bad for him, almost like the news he had given me wasn’t real when he explained his loss. These officers were only delivering us the news and weren’t able to tell us what happened. I think they may have given my husband information as to where and what pound Sheena’s babies were at. I remember the Detective asking Joe where his key to the hotel room was, Joe responded that he never had a key. I also heard Joe tell the detective that he could come there because he was upset. My husband had the daunting task of calling Sheena’s father to give him the news and tell him he needs to get on the next flight to Tampa. I can’t imagine ever being able to do this and I still can’t imagine how her father managed to get on a plane to come to Tampa knowing his daughter just died. At one point I tried to tell one of many of Sheena’s best friends Judiee but I couldn’t say the words and passed the phone to my husband. I remember my mother making phone calls out on the lanai near our pool and hearing her say “Sheena is dead”, I think she was in shock since several days later she jumped out of a chair screaming finally realizing what had happened. I have no idea how I slept that night or if I did.

January 2nd, 2009 – Sheena’s grandmother drives back over to Sheena’s mother’s home and recalls seeing Joe as she pulls up to the house he was getting his suitcase out of the trunk of his car. She is bothered by this since the fiancé stated that he left the hotel the night before and went home. That was in the middle of the night from the 1st and she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t have needed his suitcase for the whole day on the 1st while at home.

The medical examiner calls Sheena’s mother to ask some questions and inform her that they would be doing the autopsy in the later afternoon and would call back after it was complete.

Sheena’s mother calls the police several times asking the following questions.

Kelly: Where was Sheena found?

Police: In the shower

Kelly: Was she bleeding? Was there blood?

Police: No, no blood

Kelly: Where was here phone? (She always had her phone right next to her)

Police: It was in the other room on the counter.


The fiancé was seen drinking at a local gentleman’s club. (This wasn’t known to Sheena’s family until days later when witnesses reported this).

Afternoon – Friends start to gather at Sheena’s mother’s home. Her step-father leaves to pick up Sheena’s father, step-mother and other grandmother from the airport while there are people there for Kelly. Sheena’s mother talks with friends trying to figure out what happened since she had little details and information. Her mother thought that maybe Sheena had fallen and hit her head in the shower, or maybe had an aneurysm. Meanwhile as people arrived the fiancé was the host, offering people something to eat or drink while carrying a photo of Sheena and him. He would tell Sheena’s mother’s friends how “crazy” Sheena was that night.  

 It seemed as though his efforts before she was found and after she was found was to make people believe she was “suddenly” suicidal.

Later Afternoon- While friends and family are gathered at the home of Sheena’s mother the call from the medical examiner comes in. The medical examiner informs Kelly that the autopsy has been completed and that it is consistent with a suicide by hanging (dogs leash).  Kelly is distraught and taken by surprise by this information and begins to kick the patio furniture into the pool. She remembers looking at Joe and seeing no reaction to this information. The medical examiner is surprised by Kelly’s reaction as well since the medical examiner had thought the police had advised Kelly as to how Sheena was found. The Bradenton Beach police failed to give this information to Sheena’s family.  The medical examiner informs Kelly that the results from toxicology will take 8 to 12 weeks. 

Kelly, Sheena’s mother insists on going to the medical examiner’s office to see Sheena but the medical examiner’s office refuses this request stating that they do not have a “viewing facility”. The family felt they should have been able to positively identify their daughter’s body.

Joe continues to stay at Sheena’s family’s home each night up until the day Sheena is laid to rest.  More details will be elaborated on this topic when we get to January 11th, 2009. 

January 3, 2009 - Sheena’s babies (her 2 yorkies) need to be picked up from animal services where they were taken on January 1st. They were closed for the holiday and this was the soonest her family could get to them. The only person who was capable of driving the 1 hour and 30 to 45 minutes was Joe. In the car on the way to Manatee County we Sheena’s father, mother, both grandmother’s and her step mother.  Her step-father was taking care of some arrangements. Her two babies were in a scared fragile state and shivered for hours. Sheena’s mother and father wanted to go to see the hotel where Sheena was they also wanted to go across the street to The BeachHouse Restaurant where Sheena last was the night before. 

The family realizes that Joe is in possession of Sheena’s keys to her apartment and her car. At the time no explanation was given as to why he had these items of Sheena’s. Over the next several days Joe comes and goes from the family’s home “running errands”.

Evening- Sheena’s family takes the keys to Sheena’s apartment to take a look around at her apartment. On Sheena’s kitchen counter is her January rent check filled out to be paid when she returned. Sheena’s family questions observation since why would a person who is suicidal worry if their rent would be paid or be on time for that matter.

 While the family visited Sheena’s apartment Joe is with a friend named Austin Post to go to the movie theater.   

January 4th, 2009 – Kelly was insistent on being able to see Sheena for herself so the medical examiners office made arrangements with the funeral home so the family could see Sheena in private. Sheena was fully wrapped in a plastic type material with only her face exposed. Kelly notices bruising on the bridge of Sheena’s nose and asks Sheena’s father to look as well. When Kelly questions the funeral home a woman responded by saying maybe it was from the autopsy. Bruising doesn’t take place AFTER a body is deceased.

Joe is shopping for a dress for Sheena’s services. He wants to put her in a wedding dress because that is what his “fiancé” would have wanted. This is not acceptable to the family but Kelly agreed on at least her being in a white dress since that was one of Sheena’s favorite colors, but not a wedding dress.

January 5th, 2009 – This day becomes an important day in terms of what becomes the family’s investigation as to what happened to Sheena on January 1, 2009. Sheena’s father Dave and Joe go to the Bradenton Beach Police Department to pick-up Sheena’s suitcase that was with her and Sheena’s jewelry she was wearing was released to Joe. Those pieces of jewelry were her engagement ring, diamond tennis bracelet, a pair of diamond earrings and two necklaces all which Joe had given to Sheena. (Looking back, Kelly wonders why these items were released to the boyfriend after a domestic violence issue)  

As soon as Sheena’s father arrived back with Sheena suitcase it is place in the middle of the family room on the floor. The people present at the time are the mother, father, step-father, step-mother, both grandmothers and Joe. Kelly un-zips the suitcase and began to look inside for signs or clues as to what happened. She notices that Sheena’s purse is very empty and there isn’t much in her wallet. Kelly knew what Sheena’s purse normally looked like. Her wallet only had a $5 bill in it, even though Joe told Kelly prior to Sheena’s death that he had left her $100 to $150 when he left the hotel. Then Kelly notices a key in her purse that has a Seahorse keychain on it. They realized this was Sheena’s key to the hotel room. (They know this to be a fact because when they stopped at the hotel those key chain’s were for sale on the counter)  Other observations they made from Sheena’s suitcase was there was no note or signs but more importantly were the many items of clothing that still had the tags on them from their shopping trip.

45 minutes after Kelly zips up the suitcase and wheels it into her bedroom Sheena’s father notices a key with a seahorse key chain on the kitchen counter where Joe was standing. Dave picks up the key and asks where it came from? The look in Dave’s eyes were that of a father who was ready to kill someone. During these days Sheena’s family wasn’t sure why Joe was staying around the house, if it was Joe watching them or if they wanted him to stay to watch him. Kelly decides to go back into the suitcase to see if Sheena’s key is still in Sheena’s purse to make sure it wasn’t taken out and put on the counter. IT WAS STILL IN SHEENA’S PURSE! Joe had already insisted that he never had a key to the hotel room to the detective and the family. Kelly contacted the hotel to see how many keys were signed for and the response was 2 keys. Then Kelly contacts Detective Diaz and questions who inventoried Sheena’s belongings? He stated that he did. Kelly then questions Det. Diaz how many keys with a seahorse keychain were in Sheena’s purse? He answered 1. Kelly informed him that the key with the seahorse key chain was the key to the hotel. Det. Diaz responded that he didn’t know that.

It is obvious that for some reason Joe wanted to discard the key and make it appear it happened when her family went through Sheena’s belongings. The fact is the key on the counter was Joe’s, he was entitled to have a key to the hotel room but denies ever having a key. There is no other way for the 2nd key to have appeared when there was only 1 key is Sheena’s possession.

NOTE: This day was an opportunity for the detective to question Joe face to face about the evening of Sheena’s death but he did not do this. This was also an opportunity for the detective to talk with Sheena’s father face to face and to ask questions about how Sheena seemed, if she had been depressed etc but he did not perform either of those duties as law enforcement would be expected to.

The date of this next event of the Time-line is not remembered but it is known that it was prior to leaving for NY for the 2nd services for Sheena.

Kelly was sitting in her garage trying to grasp the last few days and think about the chain of events and how they were unfolding. She asked her husband to have Joe come to the garage so they she could speak with him. Here is briefly how the conversation went.

Kelly: I just want you to know I am not done with this.

Joe: What do you mean?

Kelly: I know that Sheena didn’t commit suicide and I am going to find out what happened.

Joe: In an angry tone, what the fuck do you think happened?

Kelly: I don’t know but I am going to find out. For all I know someone came back to the room after you left. For all I know one of the cops came back after you left her there as a young pretty girl from another town. (so not to be accusing)

Joe: Do you want to use my private investigator Doug Hatton?

Kelly: NO

Kelly: You need to provide me your cell phone records and your sun-pass records, you can make this as easy or as hard as you want but I am NOT DONE WITH THIS.

January 6th, 2009

This was the first of two services for Sheena on this day. Sheena had been in Florida for the last 4 years and made many friends in Tampa, Florida. While hundreds of people we coming through the door it seemed as though no one was leaving after they paid their respects. Joe’s demeanor was so unusual to so many people they just stayed to observe him. Here are some of the observations that were observed and reported to Sheena’s family.

He was standing over Sheena’s casket and sending texts messages

He acted as though he was the host at a gala such as offering people water etc

He was “checking-out” other women at the services 

People felt it was disrespectful that he was wearing his sunglasses on top of his while indoors and seemed more concerned about his appearance rather than the fact that Sheena had died.

Kelly recalls that no one came to the services on Joe’s behalf. Not any of his business partners or his many employees. She did see one of his painters come down the side isle (not the center isle) and hand something to Joe and then he left. This person did not pay his respects to the family or walk up to Sheena’s casket. 

After the services Joe holds a gathering for “some” at Donetello’s an Italian Restaurant Joe would frequent. Kelly spent much of this time having people pull her aside to discuss his behavior and how Sheena would have never committed suicide. One friend that came on Joe’s behalf was Austin Post. Not even his roommate and his roommates wife. The reason they didn’t attend was because Joe told them it was a small service for family only, that they could attend but it was really just family. (It was not the case at all, all friends attended and were welcome)

January 7th, 2009

Kelly, Dave, Sheena’s grandmother from NY and her step-mother fly to Upstate NY with Joe. Sheena’s step father made arrangements so that Sheena would be on the same flight with her mother and father. Kelly and Dave were able to watch how carefully the people at Jet Blue transferred their daughter from one plane to another. The 2nd half of the flight was terrible since the turbulence was like no one had experienced. The flight attendant fell into Joe’s lap spilling all the water she was carrying and Joe just laughed. Once they landed everyone on the flight was relieved but then suddenly the lights and power went out on the plane. One flight attendant said she was not getting back on the plane.

Meanwhile, Kevin aka Ozzy Sheena’s step father was driving from Tampa to Upstate NY with Sheena’s other grandmother who resided in Tampa along with Kelly’s and Oz’s Golden Retriever Jake. Sheena always referred to Jake/Jacoby as her brother.  They were driving so they could transport all the candles and picture boards for the services in Upstate NY where Sheena was from and being laid to rest near her father’s home. Most of Sheena’s family also lives in NY along with many of her close friends. Sheena’s babies stayed in Tampa being cared for by a close friend.

Joe is forewarned that no one in Upstate NY would be rolling out the red carpet for him.

In the evening Joe accompanies Kelly to her brother’s home in Upstate NY. When Kelly arrives to explain the chain of events Joe basically jumps on board that something else must have happen to Sheena and drops the suicide notion. (For that evening anyway). He proceeded to tell Kelly’s sister that you can hit someone over the head with a phone book and it not be detected in an autopsy.

After Kelly visits with her family, Joe goes to his hotel room and Kelly to hers right next door.

January 8th, 2009

In the morning Kelly gets the call from the medical examiner’s office with the results from the toxicology tests. She is informed that Sheena’s alcohol level is below the legal limit. This was concerning to the medical examiner’s investigator. No others drugs were tested for and a rape kit was not performed. What was concerning to Kelly was how quickly the toxicology results came back. It had only been 1 week and was supposed to be 8 to 12 weeks.

Other calls were being made to Kelly’s office she worked at with concerns from people asking for a 2nd autopsy and requesting the family not to lay her to rest just yet.

In the afternoon Dave, Kelly, Sheena’s step mother and Joe go to the funeral home and cemetery to make arrangements. During this time Kelly has to leave the room frequently to take calls and make calls regarding a 2nd autopsy. After some discussion with the funeral home and others they proceed with the arrangements with the idea that since an autopsy and another funeral home handled the embalming that there wouldn’t be much left for a second autopsy. (This would turn out to be a costly mistake later on)

Finally after driving straight through from Tampa to NY Sheena’s grandmother, step father and Jake arrive safely and exhausted.

January 9th, 2009

This is the 2nd service to be held for Sheena. Joe provides the jewelry of Sheena’s that he got for her to the funeral director. At the services there is a Memory Table set up so that friends can place things on the table. Sheena’s best friend Justina Jones places a photo of her and Sheena but in that photo was a photo of one of Sheena’s ex-boyfriends named Sal who Sheena dated in July/August of 2008 just months earlier. Joe guided Justina (aka Judiee) to the table telling her to cut the photo and take Sal out of it. He said he would go get the scissors so she could cut it but Justina refused.

During the services Kelly could not stop crying and pull herself together. Although it was the 2nd service the family had to endure it was very difficult to see your daughter laying in a casket. For Sheena’s parents, every person that came in to show their respect was another memory and more pain. While Kelly is crying Joe tells her to stop crying and that it isn’t good for her.

After the services Kelly, Oz and Joe go to dinner after a long trying evening. Oz’s children join us. Kelly remembers Joe sitting at the table with the ability to smile and communicate without showing any sadness.

January 10th, 2009

Sheena is laid to rest on this day.

Joe has the funeral director bury Sheena with all the jewelry including the engagement ring.

NOTE: A year or so later Kelly asked the funeral director if he recalls anything unusual about Sheena’s services or requests. He stated that having the jewelry buried with her was unusual and that items like that are usual passed on as an heirloom.

After the services there is another gathering held by Sheena’s uncle. At this time many people had a lot of questions regarding Sheena’s death as a suicide and they insist her death must be looked into.

January 11,th, 2009

Now that Sheena had been laid to rest Joe parts ways with Sheena’s family as he explains he has to go to work. However he takes the 1st plane out without even a good-bye to Sheena’s father.

January 12th, 2009

Oz, Kelly, Sheena’s step mother and Jake make the drive back to Tampa to pack and move Sheena’s apartment.

January 13th, 2009

Sheena’s mother, father and step parents arrive in Tampa, get a couple hours of sleep before going to Sheena’s to pack her apartment. They notice an empty spot in Sheena’s closet on the top shelf where files had been.

January 14th, 2009

Joe arrives with his teenage son and Joe’s roommate at Sheena’s apartment. He is taking some of her furniture. Sheena’s bedroom furniture was a prior argument with Joe and Kelly. Kelly wanted to set up a room in her home just the way Sheena had it so she would have a place to go for “Sheena Time” since Kelly agreed to have her laid to rest in NY. But Joe wanted the dresser to the matching set and said I could have the rest. The family didn’t understand why he would put up a fuss over the dresser, with the kind of money this guy had he could easily buy a dresser if he needed one. Kelly kept the dresser with the rest of the furniture. Joe and his help took some of her furnishings.

Joe treats everyone to lunch and seems to be doing fine.

January 15th, 2009

The car that Sheena was driving was a lease co-signed by her step-father. He co-signed because Joe wanted to get Sheena a new car and agreed to pay for it and did until her death. He didn’t want it in his name for divorce and child support purposes. Sheena’s step father learns that he is now responsible for this $439 per month car payment. The family suggests to Joe to pay for it and let his son take the car however Joe sticks the family with this car payment he agreed previous to Sheena’s death to pay for.

After not hearing from the detective on Sheena’s case Kelly calls Sgt. Diaz or Det. Diaz (title changes apparently). Kelly asked the detective if he had questioned the boyfriend or followed up on the investigation. Diaz replied, “NO. Why? Should I”?

That is when Kelly and Oz had to meet with the detective.

January 17th, 2009

Sheena’s father and step mother return home to Upstate NY for the longest and loneliness journey.

January 21st, 2009

Kelly Osborn and Oz aka Kevin Osborn meet with Det. Diaz. They explain that Sheena was not depressed and had many things planned. They discussed the issue with the key to the hotel room and other issues. Det. Diaz was uninterested. Kelly asked Diaz if he had questioned anyone at the pub next door and his reply was no. He didn’t look any further into the investigation at all once Sheena’s body was removed from the room.  Kelly and Oz insisted that it was only proper police procedure to question the boyfriend since Sheena was found dead after a domestic violence disturbance.

January 22nd, 2009

Det. Diaz finally briefly questions Joe.

Joe calls Kelly to say he has been cleared by the detective.

Kelly tells Joe she still wants his cell phone records and SunPass records.

Joe tells Kelly he will bring them tomorrow.

An unnamed government official (it’s confidential) returns Sheena computer after forensics reviewed  they summarized that Sheena had gone from a young party girl  to a domesticated young woman and that there were no signs of her being suicidal.

January 23rd, 2009

Joe was avoiding Kelly’s calls after promising to deliver the cell phone records and SunPass records.

January 24th, 2009

Joe is still not returning Kelly’s calls.

January 25th, 2009

Joe is still not returning Kelly’s calls.

Kelly learned that he was taking a friend of Sheena’s to dinner. She was a short-term on and off friend. The last Kelly knew was that “this friend” wasn’t welcome in Kelly’s home. Joe had been helping her pay for some things.

January 26th, 2009

Joe finally calls Kelly, stating that he had her mother and was taking her to get dog food for Sheena’s babies. Sheena’s grandmother was caring for the pups while Kelly was trying to pulls things together.

He finally produces the cell phone records with certain dates missing and his SunPass records that DO NOT SHOW HIM RETURNING over the Sunshine Skyway that evening or at all. Stopping to pay a toll when you have a SunPass would be unusual after a night of drinking on New Years.                     

This Time-line will continue to be added to through-out the week of March 5, 2012 to April 12th, 2012 so be sure to check back for the full details surrounding this case.