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As we are able to proceed, I will provide updates, news or information that can be shared here so feel free to check back often. 

A $50,000 REWARD is being offered to the person providing information that leads to an arrest & conviction for the murder of Sheena Morris on January 1, 2009

Reward is being provided by the family of Sheena Morris

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August 27, 2019
Herald Tribune https://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20190827/sheena-morris-family-says-bradenton-beach-death-investigations-were-biased

Anna Maria Island Sun https://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20190827/sheena-morris-family-says-bradenton-beach-death-investigations-were-biased

August 18, 2019




June 26, 2017
Podcast series with Archangels of Justice and host Joe Rost
Each week a new episode will be released.

Episode 1

April 22nd, 2015

December 13, 2014
This recent video was done by the ArchAngels of Justice, they are a team of retired law enforcement who have reviewed not only Sheena's case but also the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's investigation. Thank you for viewing and please subscribe to their Facebook page and also their YouTube page that highlights many other cases like Sheena's.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2da_brPRMI
October 8, 2014
The Archangels of Justice have completed and submitted their report and findings from their review of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation. You can view their report and conclusion here. SHEENA MORRIS DEATH INVESTIGATION Archangels of Justice.docx
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This is the Statement Analysis from Peter Hyatt Statement Analysis PH.pdf
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This is the Statement Analysis of Sheena's 911 call from The Shires Group Statement Analysis Shires Group.pdf
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Here you can view the re-enactment video by the Archangels of Justice  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3B9DUVN-XU&feature=youtu.be

September 3, 2014
If you missed the updated ABC 20/20 episode that aired on August 1, 2014 you can now view it online at the following link
July 31, 2014
July 30, 2014
ABC 20/20 will feature a one hour show on Sheena's case that will include recent updates and the latest findings. Tune in this Friday night August 1st, 2014 at 10pm ET
July 14, 2014
This video is the re-enactment provided by the Archangels of Justice

March 27, 2014
Statement Analysis by Peter Hyatt

Sheena's family urged the BBPD to obtain cell phone pinging reports, this was finally done after 10 months. Those were then sealed. After the FDLE's investigation these were finally released. These cell phone ping reports would have gone from the BBPD to the FDLE and then to the Manatee County State Attorney's Office. Sheena's family had not one but two communication experts analyse the cell phone data. The map that BBPD, FDLE and MCSAO is inaccurate! Was this a blatant obstruction of justice? See for yourself the 3 maps of the cell phone pinging data. All_Cell_phone_ping_reports.pdf
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The FDLE used the tragic death of an old friend of Sheena's to imply Sheena was distraught over his death and that she used the same method as the young man. Here is a statement from the twin brother. Bryan_Kennedy.docx
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January 16, 2014
Updates on Sheena's case will resume in the coming weeks. Thank you for returning and thank you for your support. 

December 13, 2013

Jack Trimarco a nationally recognized polygraph expert is owed an apology from Sharon Feola with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Jack Trimarco conducted a polygraph on Joe Genoese in October of 2012 on the Dr. Phil show where Joe Genoese failed his polygraph.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Manatee County State Attorney's Office disputed all the experts involved without contacting any of them including Jack Trimaro.

Jack Trimarco stands by his polygraph 100%. Trimarco has taken a step further and contacted other well known experts asking if his questions were appropriate? Elmer Criswell, Director for PSP/HACC Polygraph Institute at NE Counter Drug Training stated that Trimarco's questions were perfectly legit. Ironically, this is where FDLE's Sharon Feola received her education . Elmer Criswell suggests that Jack Trimarco is owed an apology from Sharon Feola. 

Jack Trimarco states that Sharon Feola should not have conducted the 2nd polygraph for the FDLE since she had critiqued Jack Trimarco's polygraph.

Art Brown, Assistant State Attorney in Manatee County never obtained copies of the questions that Trimarco asked Genoese, relying instead on Genoese's recollection of questions that were asked of him during the exam.

Jack Trimarco's polygraph experience: 20 + years

Former Inspector General, U.S. Department of Energy Polygraph Program, Polygraph Unit Chief, F.B.I. Los Angeles Field Office 1991-1998. 
Conducted more than 1,100 polygraph examinations in connection with F.B.I. investigations. Selected by the U.S. Department of Justice and the F.B.I. to conduct polygraph examinations in sensitive intelligence matters and criminal investigations throughout the U.S. and abroad. Formerly held top-secret security clearance. Established private practice in 1998. Conducted more than 65 seminars/presentations on interviewing and interrogation and polygraph related matters throughout the United States. Conducted training at the F.B.I. Academy, C.I.A., and U.S. Justice Department. Serves as polygraph examiner for the Dr. Phil Show.

 Sharon Feola - FDLE  6 to 7 years polygraph experience

Trained at the Northeast Counter Drug Training Center - 2006
Member of the Florida Polygraph Association
Florida Sex Crimes Investigators Association
Florida Homicide Association
Fraternal Order of Police

November 21, 2013

Press Conference

October 17, 2013
ABC 20/20 will air Sheena's story October 18th, 2013
Check your local guides for times and channel.

October 10, 2013
ABC 20/20 will air Sheena's story on October 18th 2013. John Leiberman and Beth Karas will also be discussing Sheena's story and another family searching for justice on October 17th. http://wildabouttrial.com/one_off/wat-justice-news-in-spreecast/

October 3, 2013
ALERT! Sheena's story that was to air on ABC 20/20 this Friday evening has been bumped to October 18th for another breaking news story. Please tune in October 18th. We are very sorry but these things do happen with news shows. Be sure to mark your calendars, reset your DVR's, and update your Twitter or Facebook posts. Thank you everyone for your support.

September 29, 2013
Sheena's story will air on 20/20 this Friday October 4, 2013. The full 1 hour 

September 27, 2013
A national television show might be airing Sheena's story this coming week. Once the date is final we will announce it here and on Sheena's Justice 4 Sheena Facebook page. There will be many guests on the news show including the ex boyfriend of Sheena Morris and several other guests. Thank you for tuning in. 

September 24, 2013
The family of Sheena Morris would like to the many Law Enforcement Officers and various agencies who have offered support, advice and assistance over the last several years. We are very grateful for all you have done.  

September 23, 2013
It has been one year since the SMART Panel with the FDLE handed the Bradenton Beach Police department their many recommendations in Sheena's case. It has been one year since the FDLE reopened and re-investigated Sheena's death. August 15th, 2013 we learned that the FDLE released their files to the State Attorney's Office and that it would be a few weeks for the Assistant State Attorney to review the numerous files. The last update we received a couple weeks ago was that the Assistant State Attorney Arthur Brown was waiting on exhibits from the FDLE. This is the only information at this time. Thank you for your support, emails and inquiries. 

The world is watching & waiting. This file shows the supporters around the world who are watching. This file only represents the last four months to the current date.
Map of visitors Sept 23, 2013.pdf
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September 10, 2013
The family of Sheena Morris is setting the record straight on this article published by the Anna Maria Islander. The article that was published is a gross, deliberate attempt to mislead the locals of Anna Maria Island and Bradenton Beach. We will set the record straight by importing our comments on the article in RED. Further action upon this publisher is pending. Note that the "reporter" has NEVER contacted the FDLE for their comment and the last few articles they has not contacted Osborn or Sheena's father. The_I-Slander_article_with_corrections.docx
109.8 KB

Coming on Tuesday September 3rd, will be the outline of the mis-reporting done by the Islander, we call the I-Slander. How they did not call for a comment and how they hide comments to their articles. In addition to that will be the crime scene photo as to WHY they didn't do an investigation at all. Mark Young the so-called reporter and Bonner Joy the owner of the Islander will enter a league of their own. It certainly isn't journalism. Stay tuned! We are simply to busy to deal with a weekly paper, always a week to late to deal with their nonsense . However, we will keep you informed. We do believe that their lack of  ability to report truthfully will lead to a legal issue. Mark Young and Bonner Joy with the Islander has kept the locals in the dark for far too long. Producing articles without our comments is unacceptable. Crime scene photo will be released. Details of the their falsified reporting  will also be revealed.  We thank the many locals of AMI for keeping us updated to the antics of BBPD. Advertisers of the Islander.com BEWARE! False reporting can and will cause a problem. 

August 15, 2013

Please visit the Media Releases page for the current updates. Thank you

July 24, 2013
Recent developments include two particular young females who had befriended the family of Sheena Morris in effort to gain knowledge of the case for Joseph Genoese's benefit. More details coming soon. 

June 26, 2013
Thank you for checking back for updates on the investigation. At this time we have no further information since our meeting on June 10, 2013 with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 

June 12, 2013 - For the most current news please go to the link titled MEDIA RELEASES

June 8, 2013

June 3, 2013
At this time we do not have an update regarding Sheena's case. We would like to share this link regarding another "staged crime scene" potentially a homicide to appear as a suicide. http://www.hlntv.com/article/2013/06/03/brett-seacat-vashti-cop-dreams-kill-wife?hpt=hln10_3

April 30, 2013
We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have checked in for any updates on Sheena's case. Instead of getting back to you separately we will post here. We do not have any information at this time. We have not had any correspondence with the FDLE as they conduct their investigation. Like many of you we would like an update but we need to respect their procedures and be patient. Patience is very difficult for us at this point however we have no other choice. We are grateful to the many of who keep checking in and have not forgotten Sheena even though the media is quiet due to no updates. The media has continued to contact us as and we appreciate that as well. Thank you from Sheena's family.

MARCH 26, 2013 - For today's latest update please see the page titled Media Releases.  
March 6, 2013
Sheena's family has increased the REWARD! 
REWARD $10,000 Increased PDF.pdf
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February 26, 2013
We have finally completed and posted the photo gallery slideshows of the March 4 Justice that took place in both Upstate New York and in Tampa Florida simultaneously on July 28, 2012. You can view the tremendous support of many supporters by going to the page titled "Photo's of Interest", once you have scrolled down passed the photo's that Sheena had taken with her own camera that evening just below that you will find the two photo galleries. 

 February 25, 2013

We would like to thank the many supporters for Sheena. Last week was another huge week with over 3,500 hits to this website. We would also like to thank the many of you who have emailed us with their concerns, condolences and support. At this time it is difficult to get back to each of you and address all the questions. Since it is an open investigation we can't discuss certain things that has not already been released on this website. Thank you for your patience.  

We are covering a few topics here today. You can refer to a few links below.
We don't have a current update being that we have not heard from the FDLE, however there is a law enforcement officer who seems to have an update as claimed on LEOAFFAIRS. The question is does the LEAK continue within the department? The Leak claims to be congratulating Det. Diaz and that the FDLE has found the BBPD in a favorable position. Usually we hear updates via the media now it appears our updates come in the form of a law enforcement website that cyber-bullies/stalks the family of Sheena Morris. Welcome to Florida! While there has been no official notification from the FDLE or the prosecutor the last 2 to 4 weeks is up (that time frame according to the media) the family has not received any sort of notification via phone, email or in writing. A few weeks ago the family was told to "
hang in there" it won't be much longer.   As a reminder there is a small town reporter (use that title cautiously) that covers the case locally for the small town of Bradenton Beach who claims to have a "friend" on the SMART PANEL for the FDLE who has reported one-sidedly without contacting the FDLE,  the prosecutor or the family of Sheena Morris.  The small island newspaper who does NOT contact all parties involved is the ISLANDER, some supporters like to refer to this column as the I-Slander paper. However, if the reporter has a friend within the BBPD and the FDLE, you can make your own assumptions.
History repeats itself. A reporter from the Bradenton Herald is quoted by saying "the officers at BBPD are rejects from other departments". We stumbled upon this.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/216430/thomas-ferrara-bradenton-beach-pd.txt

In addition to the above and below there is daily cyber-bullying/stalking the family is dealing with. What is Cyber-bullying/stalking? It is being addressed. 

As posted in the "Investigation" page, notice the similarities into the death investigations by the same department and the same Officer. Take notice the Disciplinary report is longer than the investigation report. DeBazell.pdf
1.1 MB

February 6, 2013
Here come the threats from LEO's

Re: Kelly and Sheena

Postby HAPPY DAYS » 02/06/13 17:08:40

Oh this is gonna be so good they think they can lie and sling mud to see if it sticks and fiddle will never tell but GUESS WHAT plenty of leos and others will get a look at the whole ball of wax and then the loudmouths better sandbag their bunkers for the righteous shiiit coming at them after a long pent up silence. :lol: 

February 5, 2013
The obsessive nut is at is again on certain website. This statement at the end reveals the poster is either the small town weekly paper reporter Mark Young who claimed he had a "friend" on the Smart Panel or it is one of the cops from BBPD. They revealed they know the numerous recommendations made by the Smart Panel. We the family don't know but a few of the recommendations. (this is part of a conversation between two people on a Law Enforcement website. They have basically revealed their identity behind their aliases they use) 
TOPIC: Re: Kelly and Sheena
by Iron woman » 02/05/13 21:13:11

battman wrote:
Guest wrote:
Diaz didn't screw up. Why such personal animosity toward him? Another question, why are all the J4S partiers so dadgummed physically unattractive with character deficiencies?

Diaz Didnt screw up!? THOSE WERE 15 MISTAKES THAT WERE HANDED DOWN BY THE F.D.L.E. NOT RECOMMENDATIONS! Who has character deficiencies now? WAKE UP DIP SHIT

LMAO..Now I know you are another blow hard talking head fool. Not 1 recommendation on that list was even close to a mistake. On the contrary to be more specific although your #15 is close however not accurate these suggestions were merely others perpective opinions on how to expel further on specific points. As I am not at liberty to discuss anything in detail I promise you JS4 is not going to be a happy Old gal. 
Iron woman

February 3, 2013

Renewed inquiry into 2009 death nearing its end


February 1, 2013
The Tattoo After Sheena's MURDER (as stated by many professionals)
January 31, 2013

Conversations taking place on a law enforcement website:
BPD wrote:
BPD wrote:
BPD wrote:Get over it DUMBASS, and GET OFF OUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am one with you Jackazz ! You are sooooo misinformed. :snicker:

No scumbag, you will never be one of us. We (as in good cops) don’t attack civilians whether they are victims or relatives of victims. BBPD screwed up. Their response to the victim’s family has shown they are clueless and classless. They are an embarrassment to us all, and so are you.

Again yet another BPD misfit making us all appear uneducated as well as misinformed. Knowing more than one of their officers I can speak from personal experience as well as professional dealings with Island officers. As my colleague fails to see the truthfull picture revealed that this 'civilian' is not in any way being attacked she is actually doing the attacking. From what people in the know are all saying is FDLE fully investigated the Islands case and concurred they got it completely correct.I also heard these findings showing the BBPD got it right in their suicide investigation will be released within a few weeks.

LEAKS, What leaks? The family of Sheena has not been informed of ANYTHING!

January 23, 2013
Obsessive, crazy person has gone over the edge. We seem to have a stalker who cannot resist themselves from visiting this page and Sheena's website. He/She has gone over the cliff in their antics. The person uses a cop website to abuse the family and friends of Sheena. Warning....This person has become unhinged. It's hour by hour this person is obsessed with this case. The person is using anonymous proxy's and claiming the identity other others. The stalker, obsessed person should be considered dangerous for their hour by hour stalking.
Should the person provoking the harassment continue, BEWARE that we have taken measures  to track you.  
For the person over the edge.... we, Sheena's family are NOT anti-law enforcement as alledged . 
January 17, 2013
Harassment & Stalking - The continued actions will be noted here.
Several occasions of gun shots fired behind our home.
Stalker watching our home
Revving engine and burning tires directly behind out home
Stalker over-hearing conversations at our home, then posts the conversation to LEOAFFAIRS, in fear of getting caught the person edits their post and removes that content

Obsessive posts to LEOAFFAIRS night & day, the person posts anonymously or using our names. This same person changes proxies over and over posting to 4 or more LEO boards throughout Florida. Obsessiveness of this person in regards to the case of Sheena Morris should be considered dangerous , interfering with the case & not having a sane mind-set.     

Posted January 16, 2013
In October per Mark Young (so-called, wanna-be reporter) tells Kelly that the Smart Panel just met with the BBPD and that he, Mark Young has a "friend" on the SMART PANEL who filled him in on the details of the meeting. Is the s0-called reporter who writes more like a columnist claiming another leak? 
The only thing the SMART PANEL was presented by BBPD was BBPD's small case file made up of re-created reports. The crime scene photo's even show the proof of their "made-up & recreated" reports in effort to support their un-investigated crime scene.   

December 13, 2012
Yet again our family is devastated by the outrageous behavior of the Chief of Police and the Bradenton Beach Police Department. This is completely unacceptable and the State of Florida needs to get involved. Governor Rick Scott continues to be unresponsive in this matter which is also unacceptable. 

December 6, 2012 - We would like to thank everyone for your continued support for Justice 4 Sheena. Many of you have been requesting updates as to what is going on with Sheena's case. Many are confused as to weather the case is officially opened or not. To our knowledge it is in fact an open investigation. Since it is an open investigation we do not have any information and we are just trusting the experts from the FDLE who are assisting in the case. Thank you for your patience. We are coming up on the 4 year anniversary of Sheena's murder on January 1st. We are currently discussing what plans/events will take place on that day. Once plans are set you can check back here and also on the Facebook Justice 4 Sheena page.   

 It has just been reported from a reliable source that Chief Sam Special of the Bradenton Beach Police Department was seen drinking with Joe Genoese the weekend following the airing of the show. They were seen drinking together at the bar owned by the Chief's wife called Maryanne's Castaway located at 111 7th Street North Bradenton Beach Florida. This has been reported to the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) however we have no knowledge that the FDLE has taken any action into this matter. This activity is highly unprofessional and considered as a conflict of interest to the family & friends of Sheena Morris. Please continue to contact Kelly Osborn, Sheena's mother with any further questionable activity. Thank you. 

The Dr. Phil show will air next Thursday & Friday October 25th & 26th. It is a two day show. Please check your own channel guide for the times and channel. The show is titled New's Years Mystery: How did Sheena die? If you would like to watch the show with family & friends join us at The Golf Club is located at 12950 Racetrack Road Tampa, FL 33626  There will be drink specials available. The Golf Club will donate a percentage of their revenue that is generated during the show to a domestic violence organization of their choice. 
The Upstate NY location to be announced soon. 

Tune in Wednesday October 10, 2012 to the show with Vincent Hill, The other side of Justice.

October 5, 2012
- The FDLE has provided the recommendations to the BBPD.

October 2, 2012
- To the best of our knowledge the FDLE SMART Panel will be releasing the recommendations for the BBPD this Wednesday or Thursday. The family is still working to have the BBPD give the investigation to the FDLE or the FBI.

April 20, 2012 - We are currently waiting for a response from the Bradenton Beach Police Department regarding our request for information dated April 4th, 2012. Sheena's hand's and feet were bagged at the scene. This was done to preserve any evidence under her nails. Her nails were clipped by the medical examiner. To our knowledge they were never tested. We are waiting to hear who has custody at the current date of her nail clippings. The Manatee County Sheriff's Dept released them to Sgt. Diaz with the BBPD however since our last conversation he stated he said that he did not have anything left in his possession.  

On March 22, 2011 The Medical Examiner changed the Manor Of Death to Undetermined. They explained that they wanted to do this earlier and has apologized they didn't do it sooner. We are grateful to them for their many meetings and concern for the cause of death to Sheena.

Chief Speciale states to Lisa Neff with the Islander News that "Det. Diaz went above and beyond" on his investigation. He also states that they handle all suicides as a homicide. If not questioning the boyfriend that was with Sheena and involved in the domestic violence for 22 days and only after the families prompting then it seems as though they are all in need of re-training. In the last 2 years Chief Speciale has refused all requests to meet with the family regarding their concerns.
Det. Diaz & Chief Speciale are not willing to ask the Manatee County Sheriff's Dept to take over the investigation. With the Manor of Death being changed this should re-open the case. They are in-active. It is believed that they will not ask the MCSO to take over as this will expose their many many mistakes they made in this case.

We have provided the Mayor the affidavits from a forensic patholigist who is also a Certified Level III Criminal Investigator who states Sheena's death was a staged crime scene. Two other Certified Level III Criminal Investigators also concluded the crime scene was staged. 

Now, the City Attorney states that we are to have our attorney contact them. It appears they are on the DEFENSE instead of addressing the concerns with their law enforcement with the Bradenton Beach Police Department.    

This update includes information never released before!
Updated January 18, 2011 Also just release is Sheena 911 phone call! See the Home Page and click to play video for sound. 

Facts regarding how the Bradenton Beach Police Dept handled or mishandled the investigation

At xx:xx the neighbors in the hotel room next door place a 911 call (please note that all times marked with xxxx will be updated in 2 days)  

Two officers arrive  XXXX and XXXX, as they arrive they pass the boyfriend in the stairway leaving. They quickly find out that it was the boyfriend and they never apprehend him or question him regarding the domestic violence disturbance.

At xxxx Sheena places a 911 call and is transferred to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department asking to have her apartment checked on because she states that her boyfriend was going to her apartment to trash her apartment because she ruined his life.

At XXXX Sheena sends the boyfriend a text message saying “I took pictures” then at xxxx she sends another text, “Your better bet is to stop being an alpha male and keep your hands off women”   

(We later learn that no report was made on the domestic violence call and was created after Sheena is found dead.)

The next day at xxxx the police were called to the hotel again. The manager of the hotel had knocked on the door to Sheena and the boyfriend’s hotel room and they heard the two dogs barking. It is the hotels policy to call the police if there is a dog presence. It is not a pet friendly hotel.

The police arrive at xxxx and find Sheena deceased in the shower. At xxxx Detective Lenard Diaz calls Manatee County Sheriff to process the scene. They dusted the shower for fingerprints and they find no fingerprints, not even Sheena’s. All they picked up was a smudge on the showerhead.

During the afternoon the family is trying to locate Sheena after learning about the domestic violence disturbance. The family was still not aware that Sheena was found deceased.  At XXXX her mother tries to call Sheena’s cell phone but there was no answer. Just a few minutes later a call comes into her mother’s phone showing it was Sheena. When her mother answers the phone Sheena is not replying, the mother is yelling Sheena’s name and getting no response. She tells her husband “I think Sheena has been kidnapped! There is a man’s voice in the background and Sheena is not answering!” Sheena’s step father takes the phone and begins yelling into. This call lasts for 7 minutes until he hears police radio’s in the background. Sheena’s mother calls 911, dispatch confirms police are at the hotel Sheena was staying but does not confirm it has anything to do with Sheena. The police had called Sheena’s mother with her phone while they were going through her calls. It was stated that call was an accident.  

Sometime after the initial call from dispatch Sheena’s mother receives a call back from dispatch again asking where she is, she states she is at home but getting ready to head to Anna Maria Island. They then inform her to stay home and asks for their home address. Some hours later two Hillsborough County Sheriff arrive at her mother’s home to inform her mother of Sheena’s death.  (January 1, 2009)

The only items taken into evidence for a few days was her cell phone, computer and the camera Sheena used to take pictures of herself after the domestic violence dispute.   Not even all her belongings were taken from the hotel room; many of her things were left behind.

Other items that you would think should have been taken from the room for evidence would be the bottle of Ketel One, Sheena’s drink, the other drink that was on the ledge of the tub with a cigar put out in it, the $2,000 money wrapper, and the pillow that was under the bed amongst other items.  

That evening while Sheena’s mother was talking with the Bradenton Beach police after learning of her death she asked several questions such as where was she found? “In the shower” Was there any blood? “NO” Where was her cell phone? “On the counter”. At no time was it explained to the family that she had been found hung. Through that evening and the next day the family tried to think of what may have happened. They thought did she have an aneurism? Did she slip & fall?

It’s not until after the autopsy the family learns that she was found hanged in the shower with her dog’s leash. The medical examiner reports they called the Detective back asking why we weren’t notified or told this information.  The family requests to view Sheena and to identify her, the request is denied by the medical examiner stating they didn’t have a viewing facility. The medical examiner informs the family that the toxicology reports will take 8-12 weeks. In less than a week the results of the toxicology tests are back. She is under the legal limit for alcohol and no drugs were found.

******Please note that other details & findings of her family’s investigation are not being included.

On January 2nd, 2009 Det. Lenard Diaz asks Sheena’s boyfriend for his key to the hotel room so that the hotel wouldn’t have to have the expense of changing the locks. He states he never had a key. Although he was entitled to a key he insists he didn’t have one. A couple days later we get Sheena’s suitcase back. When the family gets the suitcase home it is laid out on the floor and the family searches for clues or answers to what may have happened. We discover that Sheena’s purse was almost empty, which was a concern. In addition we observe that Sheena’s boyfriend has her apartment & car keys. Something we don’t understand until later. (While we went through Sheena’s suitcase the following people were present: Sheena’s mother, father, stepfather, stepmother, her two grandmothers and Sheena’s boyfriend.)  Her suitcase is then packed up again and wheeled into her mother’s bedroom. Approximately 45 minutes later a key on a seahorse keychain appears on the kitchen counter. Sheena’s father spots this key and questions how it got there. Her mother takes the key and asks the boyfriend how it got there? He states he doesn’t know. At this point the family is concerned and emotions are running high. Sheena’s mother goes back into Sheena’s suitcase to see if the key matching that same key is still in Sheena’s purse and it WAS. Sheena’s mother calls the hotel to confirm that the boyfriend signed for 2 keys. She then asks Det. Diaz who inventoried Sheena’s belongings? Det. Diaz states he did, he is then asked how many of those keys with the seahorse keychain were in her belongings? He states only one. Therefore, we know that there was only one way that this key could have gotten on the kitchen counter.   However the boyfriend states we must have put the keys there upon going through her suitcase. This not the case.

(Sheena’s dogs were removed from the hotel room and taken to a pound. Sheena’s mother has since adopted both of her dogs and with the assistance of Sheena’s father, they are loved and well cared for.)

Two services were held for Sheena. January 6, 2009 in Tampa and in Sheena’s hometown of Central New York on January 9, 2009. She was laid to rest on January 10, 2009 in Central New York.

When Sheena’s parents and step parents returned to Tampa to pack her apartment they follow up with Det. Lenard Diaz. Sheena’s mother asked the detective if he had questioned the boyfriend as part of his investigation. Det. Diaz’s response was “No. Why? Should I?

After hearing this, the family requests a meeting with Det. Diaz. On January 21, 2009 her mother and step father meet with the detective. They had asked him if he had questioned the nearby pubs to see if Sheena may have left her room after the police left the domestic violence call. No, he did not. They asked the detective what he was going to do with this case.  He said he couldn’t do anything until the medical examiner’s report was back. Her mother asked then what your gut is. Humor me. Det. Diaz answered, “It’s a suicide, because the other wouldn’t be…… (As he started to say, good) then he said sorry for your loss. It is 21 days later and the family is concerned why the boyfriend isn’t questioned or even visually examined for abrasions etc since there was a domestic violence call. Finally, the detective talks with the boyfriend briefly but it is 22 days later.

Bradenton Beach police department is a small department of only approx 10 officers. Anna Maria Island is a small tourist beach town.

Sheena’s mother asked Det. Diaz on several occasions about Sheena’s 911 phone call. Det. Diaz insist that Sheena never made a 911 phone even though he had her phone to view the call logs he still insisted she didn’t make a 911 call and that only the people in the room next door made the call. Since Sheena’s phone was in her mother’s name she knew that Sheena made a 911 call. Her mother later receives the 911 call upon her own research however; Det. Diaz still has no interest in the details of that call for investigational purposes. Det. Diaz did not find it necessary to do any further investigation of Sheena’s death after he leaves the hotel room.

10 months after Sheena’s death the family hires an attorney to assist them with their own investigation and to get some questions answered. One of the requests was to have the boyfriends alibi questioned. When Det. Diaz questions this person, Det. Diaz somehow finds it appropriate to do this over the phone and not in person. There were also additional questions that need to be asked of the boyfriend and while Det. Diaz complies with this request from the attorney he contacts the boyfriend on the phone because the boyfriend was busy.

In the last 24 months Sheena’s mother, Kelly Osborn takes on the investigation herself with the support of her husband, Sheena’s father Dave Morris and Sheena’s stepmother. The support from Sheena’s friends has also been crucial during the last 2 years. Kelly’s full-time job as a real estate professional took to the back burner, with the loss of her income she still fights for a fair investigation into the death of the family’s only child. The Bradenton Beach Police Department categorized the family as “being in denial”.  The question remains as to how her death could be ruled a suicide without a proper investigation.

Two fund raisers were held in order for the family to have Sheena’s body exhumed and have Dr. Baden perform a second autopsy. The family still has not received his final report from the autopsy. Sheena’s mother insisted on going through the crime photos with Dr. Baden, after having set several conference calls to do this and the calls being re-scheduled or the disc’s not working for Dr. Baden, then new copies being sent to him on a USB external flash drive this seemed to still be a problem in having Dr. Baden review them. Kelly then insists on a face to face meeting with Dr. Baden in NYC. At this meeting Dr. Baden does review the photos with Kelly but states he is not a crime scene investigator.

After Sheena was exhumed we had the jewelry from her boyfriend removed from her. The engagement ring approx 3 carats in size and was taken to be appraised. This ring turned out to be nothing more than a mere piece of glass. It wasn’t a surprise to the family since they had suspected all along it was a fake. Sheena also wouldn’t wear the ring for awhile because she also thought it was fake but the boyfriend was finally able to convince Sheena that the ring was real.       

Finally in November of 2010 Kelly meets a detective while volunteering on a search for a missing person. When the detective asked Kelly how or why she got involved with the search she explained it was important to help other families and their causes during the most troubling times of their lives. She then explained the situation with Sheena. He proceeded to ask many questions and referred her to some people to assist her. A team of experts which included a detective, 2 forensic pathologists and 3 Certified Level III Criminal Investigators agreed to view the police reports, crime scene photos and the autopsy photos.  The next steps from here will remain confidential for now and this case will continue to be pursued considering the latest information.

No one has been charged or accused for her death. No one is being accused but many things remain unanswered. The findings of the family’s investigation is that her death was not a suicide. Kelly and the family will not release the findings of their investigation to Det. Diaz since they do not feel the information will not be handled professionally as previously demonstrated. Chief Sam Speciale will not meet with the family or return any calls.  Ed Brodsky, Assistant State Attorney gave us a very brief meeting. He said I heard you looked at the crime scene photos so it is what it is.   

Here are some facts that took place leading up to her death

Sheena and her boyfriend were fighting on Christmas night after leaving her mother’s home.

There is a text message from Sheena explaining why she didn’t want to go to Anna Maria Island with her ex-boyfriend (the relationship was ended on Christmas night). In her text message Sheena said she didn’t want to go because she didn’t want to leave her babies on New Year’s Eve. Her two babies are her two Yorkshire Terriers.

The night of her death Sheena is texting with her cousin because her cousin went into labor with her first child. Sheena is excited and telling people she is going to be an “auntie”. Sheena was planning to go to NY to help her cousin with the baby for 10 days. Sheena is so excited about this baby she is texting a friend’s mother to ask if she is X centimeters dilated when she will give birth? The baby was born in Sheena’s passing. She did not get the notification she had been born.

The waitress who waited on her a few hours before she died said Sheena was in great spirits, looked beautiful, and was upbeat and happy.

Sheena was communicating with many of her friends via text messaging wishing them happy new years and making future plans with several of them.

For security reasons, this person will remain unnamed here. She saw Sheena just before leaving for Anna Maria Island, Sheena stated that she was happy the relationship was over.

Once we learned how Sheena’s death was considered to be a suicide we had requested the boyfriends SunPass records. The SunPass is the device used to pay tolls electronically. The records show him and Sheena going over the Sunshine Skyway to get to Anna Maria Island but never show his return. This takes place on New Year’s Eve/ New Years in the middle of the night after a night of drinking and fighting. It was reported that he was drinking doubles of his regular beverage of preference. We are not sure as to why he had chosen to stop and pay the toll vs. using the Sunpass. By not using the Sunpass it does not record the time he allegedly went over the Sunshine Skyway to return to his home.

It wasn’t until the day Sheena was missing on January 1, 2009 did her ex-boyfriend spoken of Sheena being suicidal or bi-polar. There are no records of or knowledge other than his he reported that day of Sheeena being depressed & bi-polar. Sheena was not on anti depressants or diagnosed as bi-polar.

In conclusion, we do not know who was involved in Sheena death for certain and there has been no charges filed. We do know according to the crime scene photos that it was a “staged crime scene” and the Bradenton Beach Police deny the family a proper and professional investigation into Sheena’s death. We ask the question…. WHY? Is it political? Is there corruption? Is it due to budgetary constraints? Is it because the domestic violence call was mishandled?

We also ask…why the officer’s who last saw Sheena alive would refuse Kelly a meeting to discuss the domestic violence disturbance. One officer was off duty after leaving the hotel room, the other officer responded to a situation at the pub next door to the hotel room.

Why does Chief Sam Speciale not return any calls to Kelly Osborn the mother of the deceased? Why wouldn’t he provide or respond to Kelly’s request of Det. Diaz’s personnel file containing any or if any disciplinary records? Political?  Corrupt? Lack of funding? We aren’t sure yet but we will not give up in getting these answers. While the police reports are very poorly written they are officers of the law and have been trained, so we can only assume that according to the Florida Administrative Code that there is a violation of a moral character.         




February 9, 2010 - lab work sent out for re-testing from the medical examiner's office.  
(Lab tests have come back, Blood alcohol content came back even lower and under the legal limit)  

March 8th, 2010 was the broadcast with Gale St. John and Brian Ladd. You will hear much more of Sheena's death and details in this two hour broadcast. 


 Update July 13th 2010
I am hopeful that this week I will be able to add a new page to this website. It has been suggested a page be added where you may be able to add your own discussion, questions and or comments. Please check back soon. 

Two weeks ago I had requested the the disciplinary reports of the two officers who responded to the domestic violence call to Sheena's hotel room. One officer did have two disciplinary reports in his file. One was not of great importance and referenced being late for duty by one hour. The other report was significant to us. The report reprimanded the officer for mis-handling a death investigation. (This was just a little over a month after Sheena's death) After I received the report I proceeded to the medical examiner's officer to obtain the autopsy report of the deceased woman. Once I received the autopsy report I requested the police report of the death investigation of the woman. The report was a small paragraph, the investigation into this woman's death lwas summed up to just the below . Below is how the report read. (a twelve year old could see this needed further investigation)  After obtaining this information I located the daughter of the deceased woman to find out that she felt her mother's death was suspicious but the detective or no one else was interested in helping her. 
The report is being exactly the way it was written except names are being eliminated.

(the time dispatched was 20:21, time arrived was 20:22, the time completed was 23:40)  

Update on exhumation- We are currently working to have the 3 parties necessary to set a date to have Sheena exhumed/disinterred for a 2nd autopsy. The 3 parties needed are the cemetary, the funeral director & the forensic pathologist. (no family can be present at that time)
I have also obtained other information directly related to Sheena's death that cannot be exposed here nor will I provide to the Detective on the case. This information will be withheld until we can have a competent investigator on this case who will NOT mishandle the information I have acquired through my investigation.  

Update as of July 26, 2010 - Sheena was exhumed on July 21, 2010, on July 22nd she was transported to Albany where Dr. Michael Baden performed the 2nd autopsy. There was some decomposing so the bruising was difficult to determine. There will be a great deal of toxicology tests done that will take some time to determine any results. 
In regards to "the pillow" that would have been needed and was not taken into evidence. NOTHING was taken into evidence! We have her cell phone with texts mesages, her computer, and the camera with the photos she took after the domestic violence call. There are a few other things missing at this point one in which Dr. Baden needed to examine. When an autopsy is performed organs and other things are removed for samples to be taken but are to be placed back into the body, however a crucial part of her was not there to examine. We are working with the first medical examiner to obtain this so that Dr. Baden can complete the physical examination. 
The next item that seems to be missing is the "leash". Last July of 2009 I had signed and picked up the remaining evidence such as her clothes she was wearing, they are in brown paper evidence bags and sealed. Dr. Baden examined those items. However, the leash was not there! Approx two months ago I asked the detective if there was anything left or taken into evidence, he stated I had everything! Well it appears that is not the case. I have contacted the detective to let him know I would be coming to the police dept on the 27th, let's just say he best provide the leash. 
During the autopsy for the 2nd time the funeral director and Dr. Baden were advised to remove all the jewelery on her that came from the boyfriend/fiance. On the 23rd I had taken the 3 carat diamond engagement ring to a jeweler, it is confirmed that the engagement ring is a FAKE. It's a mere piece of glass. 
I will post further updated as to finding the missing pieces of our daughter and the crucial evidence that was used in her death, the leash.             

















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